Building community through the joy of outdoor skating. 
Working in cooperation with the Town of Winthrop
Outdoor, uncovered magic

Thanks to the efforts of so many, the rink project is ready to get underway for the next phase of construction. 

The building remodel is framed in and the concrete curb all the way around the rink site is poured and set. In the next couple of weeks we will now lay down 3 inches of sand, a plastic vapor barrier, 4 inches of foam insulation, another plastic layer and then all the pipes and rebar. We will need volunteers to help lay the pipes and rebar and this will hopefully the first week of Sept. Then we pour the big boy slab and let it cure for 3-4 weeks.

At the same time this is happening, we will continue on the building. We need skilled carpenters willing to put in a day or a few hours but will also need some more general labor help. 
Here is a rough estimate of the dates we will be needing all the help we can get ! 
Please call or text Laurie Ulmer at 509-341-4416 if you think you can fit it in to help, even if it is for an hour or two, or a day- it all adds up and that is how we've gotten this far- Thank you
8/18 - 25 Skilled carpenters to help finish interior framing….
8/26 – 9/1 Semi skilled to wrap building & help set windows when they arrive
8/26- 9/1 Labor help to stain siding in a week or so
9/1 – 9/8 Semi & skilled carpenters to side the building & trim it out
9/1 – 15 The subs will be in the building for a few weeks Outside we will be dealing with rink insulation steel & piping
9/15- 10/3 Drywall Pour slab circa 9/15
10/5 – 12 Labor help to paint and Outside set up boards
10/ 12 -19 Good carpenters to help with interior door hanging & trim Outside Banners
10/19 – 11/1 laminate wall paneling Outside benches & rubber matting
Bench installation
Shower paneling/tile/finish
11/1 – 8 rubber matt flooring
11/9-16 set base board trim &
Office & rental shop cabinetry shelving
And then, SKATE!
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