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July 6 Update from Marc….

We are making good strides in getting the building shell up before I will be leaving for my daughter Skye's wedding on July 18. Many people have made this degree of progress possible (see the list below). My goal is to get the roof on the building prior to my July 18th departure. For this, we desperately need carpenters and some laborers during the next 12 days!!! If you are at all able to offer us a few hours please contact either Laurie Ulmer (509 341-4416) or Janice Dickinson (341-4400) and let us know when we can schedule you in to help at this critical phase.

This community is awesome and I would personally like to thank the following people who have risen from the shadows to come out and help us put this great project in front of other things that they had to do in their busy lives.

Rich Reeves kindly offered to squeeze us into his hectic schedule and get the underground plumbing completed before JR with his large crew of Five Star Concrete completed our slab for the addition to the building. To get the framing going, Jeff Patterson, along with David Clements, Zack Zuff and Jon Albright, helped me frame the back part of the building. When I ran out of help midweek I had to hire a few guys from Donald McLane's crew, Gabe and Mike, to continue helping with the framing. Richard Wassom kindly returned on Wednesday for half a day to assist us in framing the front part of the building and then Mike Hilton and Wyatt Southworth stepped up to help us open the hallway into the old building and tie the 2 structures together.  Later on, Derek VanMarter helped out. Now you can really get a feel for this new (and very cool) addition.

Despite my anticipation to get the second floor on over the weekend, I quickly redirected when Jerry Palm suddenly came back into town for the 4th of July. We decided on the spot last Friday morning to go ahead and excavate the ice rink in preparation for the refrigeration installment. With all the building lumber sitting on the ice rink and no trucks, drivers or loaders lined up to help, I feverishly started calling every excavator or driver I was aware of and my ice queens (Laurie Ulmer, Janice Dickinson, and Lori Northcottt) made calls rallying the troops. Low and behold, Lori Northcott's two boys, Zane and Reed, came out and to help me move the lumber piles just as Jerry Palm pulled onto the site! Metal magic happen when Bobby Lloyd with Lloyd Construction, Wayne with Umberger Excavating and Paul Studatt with Wildcat Excavating dropped everything they were doing on a moment’s notice and came out to help haul the dirt away. Laurie Ulmer, Julie Palm, and Dan Kuperberg and Chad Greg watered down the excavation site as the digging occurred. All this in intense the heat of the 4th of July weekend. Truly amazing!!!

I can't relate how impressed I was that we got that done over the weekend. We even pulled in Darren Belsby as well as Chad Patterson to assist us. We would not have gotten the job done without Chad Patterson loaning us his loader when Jerry's loader and backhoe broke down late Saturday afternoon.

I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge and thank many other trades people in the valley who have stood by to field my questions or who, despite their super busy construction schedules this summer, have offered to help us with the project. Without their support we would not be where we are today. The excavators include Andy Oosterhof, Darold Brandenburg, Baynard and Isaac Buzzard, Mike McHugh. Plumbers include CJ, Russ Thomas and Dwight Filer. Tom Sullivan has been invaluable as an electrician. For construction I can't thank Larry Miller enough for his time and advice over the course of this project. Others, such as Jeff Brown, have offered their storage units, scaffolding, trailers, and tools to make this project happen.

In my absence beginning July 18, I am hoping work will begin on the rink refrigeration, which will be overseen by Rick Mills and Sam Sanford as well as several other local people. We will need lots of help then as well.

Folks, we’re making this project happen and it's all thanks to this great community! Please continue to show your support and help us as we work to complete this project. Call Laurie Ulmer (509 341-4416) to get on the helper list. Many hands make work lighter. For sure they get the job done!