Summer Rink Soccer
Trailhead soccer facility

The field is officially open as of Saturday May 15th!

Drop in adult soccer is offered twice weekly at 5:00 pm.

The fee for a summer seasons pass is $25 which includes all field use until we start making ice if the fall. This fee will offset the direct expenses of mowing, watering, and fertilizing the field. We unfortunately can only maintain this facility to the level it is supported, so please show your support by paying. 

At this point there is only one option for payment by mail since our facility is not staffed in the summer. Please mail a check along with your name and contact information to:

P.O. Box 1262
Winthrop, WA

Keep your facility nice. Every time you use the field please help us with the following:
  1. Sweep the dirt and turf off the black mats inside and out: There is a large amount of turf and dirt that gets tracked into the lobby and onto the black outside mats. Other than making it look tidy this helps with winter ice skate maintenance if our mats are not filled with dirt.
  2. Shut all gates and doors: The field has many doors that can be opened. Please be sure to shut them all before you leave as the wind will destroy the hinges and fiberglass quickly if they are left open. 
  3. Pick up your trash: We have a garbage can inside the lobby so please use it. Water bottles, clothing, wrappers, etc. have all been left out and they blow everywhere, so please do a sweep and clean this stuff up.
  4. Bathroom tidying: Please wipe down the sink, toilet, and floor so we can keep this clean and open.
  5. Field damage/divot replacement: If you take a chunk out of the field or notice a large divot please try and replace it the best you know how.

Thanks to the following players for your support.

Jake Giesen
Jared Kutz
Albertono Dominquez
Paul Nicolazzo
Pablo Hernandez
Anson Wadland